One might imagine two players head-to-head, competing for the spotlight, trying to play the fastest or sing the loudest perhaps to win the audience over.  Roger Rabbit the movie comes to mind for some from that era.  However, there are no Canons Popping Out of our pianos taking aim at each other thankfully so you must see a dueling piano show to understand what it is. 

The Las Vegas Hotel and Casino New York, New York Piano Bar is of the more prestigious and well known for this style of fun and debauchery.  We bring the dueling piano party to you with our own flare as we sing and play all the hits from the last 50-60 years to present. There is no genre of music that is off limits.  Pop, Rock, Alternative, Country, Rap and even Celtic and East Coast, to name a few styles we might explore with you as we wander down the path of your requests.  Highly interactive, energetic, ALL REQUEST, live music. It is OUR absolute pleasure to provide you with the highest quality entertainment there is to offer.

As the audience, be prepared to be the centre of attention, because dueling pianos is all about you! While your only responsibility is to sing, dance and request music, this dynamic duo will perform ANY genre and keep you guessing what they will surprise the audience with next!