About us

Kelly Alaina

Kelly Alaina started her career in live entertainment in 2007, with her trip Bella Rouge; a group of three girls who met during their itme in the Vocal Performance Program at Grant MacEwan College.

Kelly began dueling in 2014. and since then, has cut her teeth in many different venues across Alberta. While Kelly is versatile performing across all genres, she heavily favors pop music and will jump at the chance to sing Disney!

In addition to dueling, Kelly spends her free time teaching spin classes, breeding pedigreed hedgehogs (Prickly Peach Hedgehogs), and writing and producing pop music for herself and other artists.

Want to hear her latest self-produced release?

Click here to listen to “Impossible” on YouTube!

Tim Cotton

Tim Cotton is an entertainment veteran, with almost two decades of professional entertainment experience. In 2003, he started full time as a single act, performing a solo piano request show at Kelly’s Pub, Sherlock Holmes, Lion’s Head Pub, Beer Hunter, Ceili’s Pub, and many other bars around Alberta. Not only does Tim play piano and sing, he is also a whiz on the guitar! He regularly incorporates his guitar chops into Court Jester dueling shows.
In 2008, Tim began dueling as one of the four original players at The Red Piano, where he played every weekend for it’s entire eight year run.
Tim shines in the rock and roll genre, but also loves getting an audience going with upbeat East Coast music. He’s not afraid to set an example for the crowd and “wiggle” to LMFAO, and has been known to start a conga line! Tim brings the party everywhere he goes.
Tim and Kelly combined forces in 2016 and have since been providing entertainment for celebrations across Canada. They have decades of experience between them, but watching them, you’d think they’ve been doing it for a lifetime.

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